Official WebOSINT THM Write-up

Task 1: When A Website Does Not Exist (Intro)

  1. Sometimes plugging a website into the search bar will send you directly to the site. Avoid this by putting the site in quote marks. Also note that this will only return results where the full domain name is written out on the website.
  2. Contrary to conventional wisdom in the open source intelligence world, doing research through search engines is not passive. Search engine companies are constantly trying to improve their algorithms. Every single search is tracked and every link that you click from the results pages is recorded. In practice this means that the act of clicking a link at the top of the second page of results increases the chances that, for the next person, it will show up at the bottom of page one.
  3. Related to number 2, search engines are always crawling the internet for new connections between sites. It is a good practice to be cognizant of the websites you link to. You may notice that the THM room, as well as this write-up, does not directly link to certain sites. This is very intentional. Some of these sites I am happy to help with search results, and others I am not (for a variety of reasons).

Task 2: Whois Registration

Task 3: Ghosts of Websites Past

Task 4: Digging Into DNS

Task 5: Taking Off The Training Wheels

Task 6: Taking A Peek Under The Hood

You’ll get tons of hits searching for ‘ua,’ but scanning through the page is still WAY faster this way

Task 7: Final Exam: Connect The Dots

Debriefing and Wrap-Up (Tasks 8/9)



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